FREE STUFF! Physics Shed Loads Of Practice With Immediate Formative Feedback

Here are the Physics books I've done so far, they're not quite perfected yet but I'll update this page with newer versions when I get a chance. Please do let me know if you spot any typos or whatever, they've already benefited loads from people doing this.   How I use them I've printed... Continue Reading →

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Knowledge, Philosophy and Shed Loads Of Practice: My #rEDRugby presentation

SLOP for declarative knowledge resources here Slides here Starting with a very brief history - this time three years ago, -I liked my job-. I got good observations by getting my students really engaged in practical work, and I got results by secretly telling my groups what they needed to know when no-one was watching.... Continue Reading →

Teachers’ time is our most precious resource

I'm lucky to work in a school that invests in freeing up teacher time for the important things. We have centralised detentions, whole class feedback and we are building centralised schemes of work around our own textbooks for reading and Shed Loads Of Practice. Teacher time is too precious to be spent chasing detentions, writing... Continue Reading →

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