New Physics SLOP Booklets

Welcome to my page for new and improved SLOP booklets for Physics GCSE. We do AQA Trilogy but most of the KS4 content is applicable for all boards. These booklets are free to download – I hope they are useful. Please see links at the bottom of the page. Here is a list of blogs... Continue Reading →

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Curricular Objects – And A Warning

Categories are useful: words denote sets, and they allow us to talk with meaning. Exploring the meaning of words can help us to think more carefully about the delineation of the things they denote. I think we should probably spend a bit of time thinking about the categories of knowledge within our curricula. Words help... Continue Reading →

Different worlds

There was no doubt about the Magic this time. Down and down they rushed, first through darkness and then through a mass of vague and whirling shapes which might have been almost anything. It grew lighter. Then suddenly they felt they were standing on something solid. A moment later everything came into focus and they... Continue Reading →

Booklets: 10 Principles of Production

The codification of curriculum into booklets or other documents and materials is a powerful tool for resourcing lessons and developing staff thinking and planning. This blogs outlines a useful sequence of steps for guiding the production of booklets – though as the first step suggests, a sequence like this should never be used as a... Continue Reading →

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