Physics SLOP booklets

Here are the Physics books I've done so far, they're not quite perfected yet but I'll update this page with newer versions when I get a chance. Please do let me know if you spot any typos or whatever, they've already benefited loads from people doing this. There are some mistakes in the answers... Continue Reading →

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Tes Education Resources: An Open Expression of Concern

This post has been agreed by several teachers and is shared across several blog sites.  In the last couple of years, we have openly expressed concern at the approaches taken by Tes Education Resources to plagiarism and copyright violation, theft of resources, and the selling of resources that violate copyright. This is not a blogpost intended to... Continue Reading →

My plan to reform our curriculum

Do you dream about curriculum? I do. I dream and I can see the web of knowledge, and it's the most beautiful thing. I can see how we touch the universe through our subjects, and my heart soars. Wherever I look, I see core, hinterland, narrative, organisation, memory, and sequences. If you're going for a... Continue Reading →

Curriculum: Truth and Beauty

A while ago I said that science has a unique claim to truth. I was wrong. After reading Christine Counsell's article "Taking Curriculum Seriously" I have come to realise that all human endeavour, and therefore the subjects we teach in our schools, are a search for truth, and that the reason we have so many... Continue Reading →

The language of curriculum

This post is part of the "Curriculum in Science" symposium curated by Adam Boxer (@adamboxer1). Read Adam's introduction here. Curriculum is a hard thing to talk about. It’s interesting to think about why this is. I think that the best way to understand what we mean by “curriculum” is to begin at the end. What... Continue Reading →

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