Physics SLOP booklets

Here are the Physics books I've done so far, they're not quite perfected yet but I'll update this page with newer versions when I get a chance. Please do let me know if you spot any typos or whatever, they've already benefited loads from people doing this. There are some mistakes in the answers... Continue Reading →

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Something is happening

Something is happening in the teaching profession. People are bounding into work, buzzing about what they read on Twitter last night. People are asking "what's the evidence for this?" And they are finding it out, or finding out its absence. People are giving up their Saturdays to go to conferences. Actually that's not quite right.... Continue Reading →

Old Masters

If you work in a state school, like I do, there's a lot to make you angry when you visit a private school. Not angry at the students or the staff, but angry at the inequality. The grounds: vast expanses of landscaped rolling lawns, majestic trees, and sweeping paths. A bit different to the quad... Continue Reading →


The Au people are a civilisation in another world. If you visit them, they will show you their gold. Long ago, the Au began working gold into objects of beauty. Every time they asked a question about their world and found an answer, they shaped gold into exquisite relief, engraving, and filigree to record their... Continue Reading →

My plan to reform our curriculum

Do you dream about curriculum? I do. I dream and I can see the web of knowledge, and it's the most beautiful thing. I can see how we touch the universe through our subjects, and my heart soars. Wherever I look, I see core, hinterland, narrative, organisation, memory, and sequences. If you're going for a... Continue Reading →

Curriculum: Truth and Beauty

A while ago I said that science has a unique claim to truth. I was wrong. After reading Christine Counsell's article "Taking Curriculum Seriously" I have come to realise that all human endeavour, and therefore the subjects we teach in our schools, are a search for truth, and that the reason we have so many... Continue Reading →

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