My name is Ruth

A quick blog post about my name.

I started blogging at Christmas 2016. I’d just had a baby and was heavily reliant on edutwitter and blogs for keeping me awake during night feeds. At the time there were some outrageous claims being made about behaviour: “It’s teachers’ responsibility not SLT” and “Behaviour in most schools is good because Ofsted say so” stand out in my memory. I wasn’t having that. I’d recently seen my school, a failing school in a deprived area, completely turned around with a behaviour system that backed teachers up, placed responsibility for back up with SLT, and made it possible, for the first time, for all teachers to teach great lessons without fear of low-level disruption. I realised how much behaviour that we’d previously seen as good was just bought with lower expectations to avoid push-back.

I wanted to present this case, to share my experiences, to challenge the claims being made. I wanted to blog but I didn’t know what my school would say. I was wary because I’d seen people being hounded and reported to their schools for having the temerity to speak out on things like behaviour. So I used another name, and started writing. Obviously a lot of weirdness could have been avoided had I just changed my surname and not my first name but to that I say I WAS VERY SLEEP DEPRIVED I DIDN’T REALLY STOP TO THINK SORRY!!!! I never expected my blog to be shared by many people, I just wanted to be able to share the link with the people I was challenging.

And then I started getting invited to events, and I made friends with people from Twitter. It’s definitely too weird to continue to use a fake name in these situations, so here I am, I’m Ruth, sorry if you think that’s weird! Hopefully my reasons make sense. “Walker” is an anglicised version of my mother’s maiden name so I’m going to stick with that. So: I’m Ruth Walker.  Thank you for reading.

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