Bar modelling and moments in time: Practice questions for the new energy model

I’m a big fan of the new energy model, though it took me a lot of time and discussion to get my head round it. What we really need is a Shed Load Of Practice questions. These are surprisingly hard to make. I’ve taken my inspiration from the only HT exam question available, as far as I know, and drawn a series of pictures to represent a moment in time to try and narrow down the rabbitholes students can go down.

I’ve used bar modelling to show the transfers in the early questions, inspired by Ben Rogers (@BenRogersEdu) and Ben Sudjaitham (@opsonise). I’ve tried to make the problems faded examples, inspired by Tom Needham (@Tom_Needham_). Thanks to Matt Benyohai (BenyohaiPhysics) for pointing out a problem with my first lot.

Hopefully they are useful! Let me know if you have anything to suggest. Download here.


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