Directory of Curriculum Blogs, Books and Articles

Since we are moving into a new era of curriculum focus in education, and rightly so, there are a growing number of brilliant blogs, books and articles that anyone seeking to take an informed approach to curriculum should read.A number of people have expressed an interest in a centralised directory of these so this is what this post is for. I’ve included everything I’m aware of – please link in the comments if you know of any I’ve missed!


Christine Counsell

The UK’s leading voice on curriculum, Christine gets to the heart of what curriculum really means and how it should be led in this wonderfully written series of blogs:

In search of senior curriculum leadership : Introduction – a dangerous absence

Senior Curriculum Leadership 1: The indirect manifestation of knowledge: (A) curriculum as narrative

Senior Curriculum Leadership 1: The indirect manifestation of knowledge: (B) final performance as deceiver and guide

Stuart Lock 

Executive Principal of Advantage Schools and Director of Northampton Primary Trust Stuart Lock gives a paradigm-changing argument in Pedagogy is overrated

Michael Fordham

Michael has a whole section on Knowledge and Curriculum on his blog. Michael is a brilliant thinker and has influenced me a great deal – he is a history specialist but these blogs are a must-read for all subjects as well as leadership.

Martin Robinson

Martin’s whole blog is a treasure trove of sophisticated and thought-provoking writing about curriculum: Trivium21C

Also his books: Trivium 21C and Trivium in Practice

Jon Hutchinson

Reach Academy Feltham is one of the most exciting schools in the UK and as a teacher there and leader of a knowledge-based curriculum project Jon brings some fascinating insights to his blogs. My two favourites are



Steve Lane

One of the masterminds behind #CurriculumEd2019, Steve’s blog on entitlement is compelling:

Need vs Entitlement

Joe Kirby

Joe’s blog on the whole-school approach to coherent, ambitious and memorable curriculum design is inspirational:

What makes a great school curriculum?

Ruth Walker (me) again

I’ve written a couple of blogs exploring my thinking about whole-school curriculum and leadership:

Curriculum: Truth and Beauty

Mary Myatt

Endlessly insightful, Mary Myatt’s book Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence is a delight to read.


Ofsted have recognised the need for curriculum to take centre stage, and curriculum will now be part of the inspection framework starting from this year. Here are two articles worth reading:

HMCI commentary: curriculum and the new education inspection framework

Commentary on curriculum research – phase 3


Adam Boxer

#Cogscisci trailblazer Adam Boxer began his #CurriculuminScience symposium with this stellar post:

and was followed by outstanding contributions from

Ruth Walker (me!)

The language of curriculum

Pritesh Raichura:

The best which has been thought or said?

Jasper Green 

Building a curriculum towards big ideas

Gethyn Jones

Using P-prims for fun and profit

Christian Moore

I will update these lists as I come across more material – thank you so much to all the writers on this list – you are an inspiration!

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