E. Coli and Quality First Teaching

There has been an outbreak of the E. coli bacterium at the Bella Sophia restaurant. The local hospital has reported that patients being treated for the bug fall into two "key groups": babies and the elderly. Public health officials have called for the restaurant to improve on this situation. The restaurant owners are considering a... Continue Reading →


My name is Ruth

A quick blog post about my name. I started blogging at Christmas 2016. I’d just had a baby and was heavily reliant on edutwitter and blogs for keeping me awake during night feeds. At the time there were some outrageous claims being made about behaviour: “It’s teachers’ responsibility not SLT” and “Behaviour in most schools is... Continue Reading →

Teachers’ time is our most precious resource

I'm lucky to work in a school that invests in freeing up teacher time for the important things. We have centralised detentions, whole class feedback and we are building centralised schemes of work around our own textbooks for reading and Shed Loads Of Practice. Teacher time is too precious to be spent chasing detentions, writing... Continue Reading →

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