Physics SLOP booklets

Here are the Physics books I’ve done so far, they’re not quite perfected yet but I’ll update this page with newer versions when I get a chance.

Please do let me know if you spot any typos or whatever, they’ve already benefited loads from people doing this.

Update: I have updated the Energy booklet – it is a lot slimmer and doesn’t contain all the extra questions or any answers but it has got a much better approach to the new energy model. Thanks to everyone who has helped me with this.


13 thoughts on “Physics SLOP booklets

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  1. These are certainly piece of work; thank you so much for sharing. You asked for typo spotting. In the atomic structure the fluorine atoms and ions are spelt fluorine but it seems to be a photo so cannot correct it.

  2. Thank you for sharing your resources – its great to see what you are putting into practise with your students, I certainly think this type of immediate formative feedback is hugely beneficial to the students, also helps to identify their misconceptions.

    Tell me, does each student get a copy of the mastery textbook to keep? Do you expect them to write notes in their exercise books? If so, what does this look like i.e. do they copy out word for word? Thank you.

    1. Hi- I hand out the books one each but collect them in at the end. I get them to write answers in exercise books, I’ll post my slides from researchED, you can see some examples of pupil work there.

  3. This is brilliant stuff. Thank you. Any chance you could share a GDrive folder with the collection of resources in it?!

  4. Absolutely fantastic resources created here – straight to the point, challenging students on the content that is relevant. A refreshing option to textbooks full of extraneous material and questions that don’t really address what we need them to.

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