New Physics SLOP Booklets

Welcome to my page for new and improved SLOP booklets for Physics GCSE. We do AQA Trilogy but most of the KS4 content is applicable for all boards. These booklets are free to download – I hope they are useful. Please see links at the bottom of the page.

Here is a list of blogs on booklets that may be of interest too. Enjoy!

Ruth Ashbee:

Booklets, Rosenshine, Teach Like A Champion, and Knowledge-Rich Curriculum

Booklets: 10 Principles of Production

Adam Boxer’s blog here.

For more on why booklets are such a significant tool for closing the gap, see here on Adam Robbins’ blog.

For the Midlands Knowledge Hub on why an ambitious, knowledge-rich curriculum is the only ethical option, see here.

If you’d like to get in touch about joining the #CogSciSci booklet production project, please get in touch @Ruth_Ashbee

And if you haven’t joined #CogSciSci yet (also free), see the form at

Links to Physics SLOP booklets:

KS3 Radioactivity

6.1 Energy

6.2 Electricity

6.3 Particle Model of Matter

6.4 Radioactivity

6.5 part 1: Forces (Motion)

6.5 part 2: Forces (Newton)

6.6 Waves


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